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Earbuds Case Cleaner Kit

Earbuds Case Cleaner Kit

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Enhanced listening experience with the Durable Earbuds Case Cleaner Kit. This exclusive set features a Bluetooth earphones cleaning tool that is sure to leave your earbuds free of germs and dirt. With an easy-to-use 3 in one design, this multifunctional kit takes cleaning your earbuds to a new level of convenience. Its metal tip cleans deep into the small parts and holes for that full cleaning sensation. The soft microfiber brush helps to carefully clean the earphone sound holes and mobile phone microphone and sound holes; while the soft flocking sponge head can easily clean 360° of charging compartment dead angle in your earbuds. Make sure you get the best sound out of your device by getting thoroughly clean with this Professional Durable Earbuds Case Cleaner Kit today!



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1 X Cleaning Pen  

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